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“Allowing herbal medicine to work their magic on me thanks to Hecate Herbs I now have my endometriosis under control and my menstrual cycle no longer rules my life. I even know where to gather the herbs I need. Eternally grateful. Thank you!”

Samantha Ellis

Rebekah Reeve-Jones has treated my whole family since I began having babies many moons ago. Moving on and 4 adult kids later she is still treating us with her herbal wisdom and knowledge. She is our doctor and we we rarely need to go anywhere else for medicines and advice.

The Stapleton Family


Thank you Hecate Herbs for helping me deal with chronic pain issues that were stopping me from living my life to the full. With regular visits and repeat prescriptions often foraged from my garden and made into medicine by Rebekah, I can now do so much more.

Joseph Lang


Thanks Becky for helping me get through my exams and the rocky road of lock downs. Still have my remedy and use it when I feel overwhelmed and stressed. Blessings


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