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Top Questions

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

Natural therapists are not allowed to ‘treat’ terminal and many chronic illnesses. That domain is only given to orthodox doctors.
However, we treat the person holistically, preferring to treat the person, rather than the dis-ease. 
This involves rebalancing and strengthening the human we are treating-  in body/mind and spirit.
Either to help them overcome their illness themselves, or if the condition has developed too far- to help them to accept their fate and enjoy the rest of their time in their skin, with herbal, nutritional and shamanic support. 

How should I prepare for my first treatment?

That all depends on what you want to get out of the treatment. Many clients come totally unprepared, so don’t worry. 
Often the consultation will help you unravel what it is you need to focus on in your life and really the only preparation necessary is if you are on orthodox medicines to bring a list along of all your prescription drugs. This will ensure none of the plant medicines prescribed will be contra-indicated. 
If you have a nutritional therapy session booked, it is useful (but not essential) to bring in a basic food/drink diary of the week leading up to your appointment, writing down all breakfasts/ snacks/ lunches/ dinners and drinks consumed. 

What should I expect from my first session?

Initially, the presenting complaint or what brings you to the therapy is discussed. We then move through your past medical history looking at all the systems of the body, paying particular attention to diet, sleep, stress levels and lifestyle habits. Depending on the presenting complaint, a physical examination may be required, such as blood pressure taking, or examination of the skin. However, this is always done with dignity and respect and you also have the right to decline it. 
If you have booked the witching hour, you may have part of your session doing visualisation and/or laying down on a massage bed and have objects put near you or directly onto you. You will be fully clothed throughout. 
Finally, a treatment plan is written up either at the session or soon afterwards and you will be given some form of herbal prescription, such as a tea, tincture, drops, ointment or cream. This is either given during the session, dropped at the clinic 2-3 days later, or posted to you. Usually a herbal prescription costs between £10-£15 weekly. Realistic goals will be discussed together and added to your treatment plan. 

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