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About Me

Image by Annie Spratt

The need to empower people came to me very early in life. After many years of trying different natural healing modalities, I found a 4 year course in herbal medicine, resulting in me gaining an honours degree way back in 2003.
After that I needed to travel, and in various places around the globe found others who shared their knowledge and skills in herbalism that no degree course could have given me. I also did several years of nursing at this time, to learn what happens in a hospital and understand how the medical establishment treats illness and disease.
Travelling, living abroad, falling in love and having 3 children then led me to a home education landscape, and I found myself being the main therapist for many families, offering weekly surgeries in diagnosing childhood illnesses and treating a whole host of problems from acute to chronic, seeing kids right up to grandparents.
More recently I decided to qualify as a naturopath- a precious tool for any herbalist, and also qualified in psychotropic plant medicine, which fingers crossed could be the future for psychiatric medicine.
I treat every person individually, tailor making them a herbal prescription to suit their needs.
I also offer dowsing Bach flower remedies, dietary advice and lifestyle recommendations- all part of my consultations. When requested, I am able to interweave chakra and aura healing into the treatment. 
I specialise in European and Indigenous plants, but also use Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs when indicated. Many of my prescriptions are homemade extracts from locally sourced plants.
As a professional, I guarantee you a thorough consultation to get to the root of the issue so we can then start the healing process.

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