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Take your power back with Hecate Herbs

“My mission is to empower people to get back to more natural medicine techniques. Enable them to feel protected in this, become more knowledgable about using herbal medicines, and ultimately strive for a happier and healthier lifestyle”

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Treatment Options

Find What Works for You

Herbal Consultation

Fees vary/ first consultation 1-1.5hr, follow ups 25-45 mins

Medical herbalists study both orthodox and plant medicine, but take a holistic approach to illness and treat the person, rather than the condition. Choosing herbs specifically to suit each individual, they let the ancient medicine revitalise, nourish and strengthen the body systems, helping detox and recalibrate the person back to well-being. Together with tailor-made lifestyle recommendations it is possible to see big changes to your health and vitality over time. Herbalism is for everyone, and can treat both acute and chronic problems.

Bach Flower Essence Dowsing

Fees vary/ first consultation 1hr follow up 30 minutes

I use dowsing to find your specific flower remedy to heal any imbalances by restoring harmony in awareness. Bach flower remedies re-establish contact and harmony with our wholeness, the true source of our energy. Heal thyself is the heart of this healing’s philosophy. This therapy is very subtle and works at the energetic level of your being.

The Witching Hour

Fees vary

This is a session where I bring in all the ancient healing arts I have learnt along my path to bring you back to your roots. Within the Witching Hour we work on your mind, spirit and body to reclaim your power back as a sovereign being. We delve into what grows near you that is your medicine, what talismans, spells and incantations give you focus and the freedom to reach optimal autonomy within your life.

Individualized Nutritional Guidance

Fees vary / 30-60 minutes

Using my knowledge of naturopathy, nutrition and herbalism, I tailor make you a diet and lifestyle plan that will help you regain your energy, health and vitality. Focusing on what you want to change in your life and how you wish to improve your diet will be the basis of each session. We will explore patterns that may emerge and potential bad habits that have seeped into your eating rituals. Together we work out ways to replace them, offering more gentle nutritious and natural foods. For me, food is all about nurturing and loving yourself and being more in tune with nature.

Image by Annie Spratt

“The greatest wealth is health”


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